The Street Battle league begins on November 10th at the AT&T Discovery District! Battles at 8pm do not miss out!

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The SBL begins on November 10th at the AT&T Discovery District plaza in Downtown Dallas! Battles at 8pm!
The Street Battle League begins on Thursday November 10th at the ATT Discovery District in Downtown Dallas! We are bringing battles back to the essence! Real raw battles, real street spots, no judges!
Battles will be held on location, IYKYK - Witness live! 
Main Battle Cards will only be on
The SBL will feature the top notch dancers from around the world battling it out for respect, props and rankings! Complete with secret battle missions, rankings, earnings and much more! Wait til we reveal some of the things we have in store! It will be like nothing you have ever seen before! We will be making history!
This concept has been brewing in my mind for years! I feel so good now that it is coming into reality. I filmed a few battles for a concept I had "SBL"(Secret Battle league) all breakin battles which is the original concept, but why not open it up to different styles of dance?! So we kept the SBL but just changed it to "Street Battle League" because essentially that is what it will be. 
We are running the first official "try out" battles for the SBL this Thursday! IYKYK. See you there! 
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