DJ Tums is one of the few real and true turntablists left in DFW, and a DMC Regional Champ with incredible skills. He took a moment from practicing on his skills to answer a few questions about his background, influences and thoughts of the current climate in DJing. Here's what he had to say:  

RSJ- Please introduce yourself to the peoples: Name, crew, affilitations?

DJ TUMS- I'm Chris "DJ Tums" Esquivel. Crews I'm with are MZK(Mighty Zulu Kingz) and Kutthroat DJs.

RSJ- How and when did you get into DJing?

DJ TUMS- I started djing in 1997. Around that time I was also breaking with a Dtown local crew called Furious Breaking Crew. My grandfather pushed me to DJ more because he thought I'd go farther with music than breaking. He was right though lol.

RSJ- Who are/were your major influences in DJing when you first started and now?

DJ TUMS- My major influences when I started...well I have many, ISP, Beat Junkies, XMEN, DJ Laz, DJ Nabs, DJ Fdbk, DJ RIP ONE. As for influences from Dallas it was DJ Dave, DJ Nemeses, DJ Spiderman,  Kutthroat, DJ Phooka, DJ Spinkidd, DJ Boogie B and Baby G. Major influences of today are Craze, Presyce, Precision, Traps, Spell, and Donnie Dee. Much respect to all of them

RSJ- What is your most memorable moment/battle in DJing?

DJ TUMS- My most memorable moment was winning the 2018 Dallas DMC Regional battle. No lie I got emotional because I felt that my Grandfather was right all along. I've lost way more battles than I've won but I'm still hungry to compete again!

RSJ- When and how were you asked to join the Mighty Zulu Kings, how did that come about?

DJ TUMS- Lol yo I'm not gonna front I can't speak on that. Let's just say it was a honor to be asked to join in 2015.

RSJ- What are your thoughts about the DJ scene nowadays as compared to when you first started?

DJ TUMS- Djing is very different these days. I started on vinyl so now anyone can find music by downloading from digital record pools. It was also very expensive having to buy records every other week. Not to mention carrying all your crates was bad on your back lol.

RSJ- Where do you see DJing going into the future?

 DJ TUMS- I see myself getting into producing more and I'd like to keep competing until I'm 40. Just a personal goal of mine.

RJS- What advise would you give to any new upcoming DJs or kids wanting to get into DJing today?

DJ TUMS-  Learn the foundations and have fun with it. Be well rounded and learn everything you can to stand out from the next DJ. It's all about music and having fun.

RJS-  Where can people find your mixes and music?

DJ TUMS-  I post mixes on Mixcloud or on social media follow @djtums214

RSJ- Any last words and shout outs you'd like to give out?

DJ TUMS- Much love to all the Djs out there putting in work.  Shout out to Mighty Zulu Kingz & Kweenz worldwide, Kutthroat, Too Fresh Productions, Faded Deejays, Kracker Nuttz, DJ City, TX Scratch League, TBB, Rec Shop Dallas, Mega DJ Center and everyone in TX! Peace

Interview date- March 26, 2020

Big THANKS to DJ Tums for taking the time to do this interview with us! Much Love as always!