We had the pleasure of interviewing our good friend and very talented artist Eder recently. He is a Graffiti ambassador who plays a major role in Hip Hop in the city of Dallas, he is one of the main reasons Graffiti artists in Dallas have a legal place to paint at(The Fabrication Yard). We asked Eder a few questions about his beginnings in Hip Hop and his thoughts on the scene, check out what he has to say. 

RSJ- Please introduce yourself to the people: Name, crew, affiliations?

EDER- I'm Eder, The Bronx Boys * EX-Vandals * IKS are my crews, Im family to many more, reaching from East Coast to West Coast. Hip Hop has blessed me with many all over the globe.

RSJ-  How and when did you get into Graffiti/Hip hop?

EDER- My year getting into this was 92'. Living in NY showed me so much, that's when I started Rock Dance (Breaking), I moved to Houston shortly after. I started to write (Graffiti/streetart) in 94'. I picked up the tables(DJing) in 2004 when I could afford my own.

RSJ- Who are/were your major influences in Hip hop when you first started and now?

EDER- Growing up I was influenced by heads like bboy Easy Rock, Krazy Kujo, and Bboy Ivan, those are the guys from when I was a kid. The 90s were some of the best times, I would go to the store to check out the Source Magazine and flip straight to the back to see the painted trains. So many names Yo....So many squads!

RSJ- What is your most memorable moment/battle in Graff and Hip hop?

EDER- A lot of my most memorable moments were me getting chased by a helicopter in three different cities, on three separate nights! Those to me were the most intense battles! As a bboy, I was always all about the cypher. From clubs to warehouses, you would find me hitting the cyphers.

RSJ- How was your Graff style developed, what played a major role?

EDER- My graff style was aided by the Amen Sound. I owe my color scheme to the Amen Break! What we all know as Jungle Music, a sound birthed by the Winstons in the 1970s, from the B side to a record named "Amen Brother".

RSJ- What are your thoughts about the Hip hop/Graff scene nowadays as compared to when you first started?

EDER- My thoughts about Hip Hop now is that the Writers KEEP WRITING. Graffiti is like its own planet yo. Not that the other Elements ( MCing/Rapping, DJing, Breaking) don't have it, but I see a lot of personal stuff happen in the other Elements that should not even see the face of Hip Hop. It's all about the cypher. If you got beef, get to the cypher, and not at one another.

RSJ- Where do you see or picture Hip hop and Graff going into the future?

EDER-  To be honest I see an endless wave of creation. It's not going to rise out of the corporate collar either. It'll be from the people, just like it was in the beginning. We have more technology now, thus gifting us New heights to reach. 

RSJ- What advise would you give to any new upcoming Graff headz or kids wanting to get into Graff and Hip hop today?

EDER- My advise to anyone in Hip Hop, no matter the Element(s) is to: NEVER STOP!!!!! Once you start, if you stop, that's the worse thing you can do. NEVER STOP ROCKIN!!!!!!

RSJ- Where can people go to find your art work?

EDER- As of right now you can catch some of my Art at the >Deep Ellum Art Co., You can find my work on Instagram: @Edwithaner_Exvandals or on Facebook:@Edertron 

RSJ- Any last words and shout outs you'd like to give out?

EDER- Shout out to @Qreuswon for always being the light in Dallas. Thanks to you for the Jams and all you do for the Youth. A massive shout to everyone in Dallas for doing their part. We can't let this slip through our hands, as far as it being ours, and not letting it be Walmart's! Massive shout out to the Wicked Movement Twins out in Houston for gifting my brother Beatski and I direction back in the day. Shout out to my squads! Shout out to all the squads before us! Shout out to the ones after us! May you all STAY ROCKING!

Interview date- March 25, 2020

Realstreetjams would like to give a big thanks to Eder for letting us interview him! Peace and blessings brother!