Welcome to the team! We are excited to have you become part of the Realstreetjams team, we can't wait to see all the things we are going to do together! Lets grow together!

Please take a moment to read through this employee manual, so that you have a better understanding of all of our procedures and systems. All employees are required to read through this manual and are encouraged to make suggestions to make our procedures and systems better. We can create great things together!

Store information:

Our store is located at 2923 Commerce St #103 Dallas Texas 75226

We are currently open Tues through Sat 4pm to 8pm and Sundays 1pm to 6pm.

Currently we are only doing by appointment only Tues through Friday from 12pm to 4pm, customers can book their shopping appointment here:

Our online store is:

Employee pay:

Store employees start at $10/hour with commission on Daily sales of $500 or more! Employees will be paid every 15 days through Square payroll, all employees are required to create a profile on Square to receive pay. It is mostly part time for now, but there are opportunities for growth and more income within the company! We are looking for dedicated, hard working and motivated individuals to grow the company with us! We also offer commission based work and event gig work at some of our events, inquire within. 

Store procedures, tasks and duties.

We expect to give all of our customers and potential customers the best experience possible, and in order to do this we must be professional and nice at all times. Make sure to acknowledge and greet every person that walks in to the store or booth, make small friendly talk with them and genuinely care about their experience in store! Make all of our guests feel welcomed at home and talk to them about our store, events coming up and deals that we may have going on!

Our guests at both our store(s) and events are one of the most important elements of the whole operation, so we must make sure that they are good! Look at each customer when speaking to them and give them your full attention and attentiveness. Be as helpful as possible with them during the whole process! Ask them to make sure to follow our IG @Realstreetjams so they can stay updated with all the cool things we have coming up! Below is a script that you can use when greeting a customer and making small talk, you may change the words to make it sound as natural as possible, but make sure you keep all the important elements.

"Hello, welcome in, (explain store or booth layout), thank you for coming in, let me know if you need help with anything" 

"Are you from Dallas? If so we have _______ coming up on "date" at "location", it is going to feature:__________________. We would love to see you there! Make sure you follow our IG @realstreetjams to stay updated!"

Always make sure you thank the customer for coming in, even if they didn't purchase anything. It is very important that we thank them when they leave too, even if they just came to check us out and not buy anything. This will leave a good impression on them and they will most likely be coming back and recommending us to their friends!


Cleaning every shift- All employees are required to clean the store at the beginning and ending of every shift. Cleaning includes but not limited to sweeping, dusting and wiping down surfaces including mirrros, desk, counters, sneakers and display cases. Employees are expected to keep all working area, showroom and backroom clean at all times. Cleaning supplies are located in the bathroom and kitchen at the Deep Ellum shop. Employees are required to clean at the beginning at the shift and light cleaning at the end. Please make sure to throw away any bags of trash before closing out the shift! Trash bags should be dumped at the trashcan at Walton st around the corner from the shop, the access card is hanging on the key holder near the door. Please make sure to place the card back where you got it. 

Taking and checking inventory - Employees must check that inventory is tagged, priced and in the system at the beginning and through every shift.  Inventory must match the inventory details in the square POS system and the Realstreetjams website. Please fix and make adjustments to any discrepancies in the inventory on our system and in store. Please input any important details into the system. Any untagged items must be pulled from the floor and priced and tagged. 

Check Website for new orders - Check the Realstreetjams website for any new orders that may have been placed, pull item in the order and get it ready to ship out. Item must put to the side with a note indicating that it is ready to ship out, and it must be adjusted on the Square inventory. 

Sharing on Social Media - Employees are encouraged to share new products and events coming up on their socials! We will also soon set up access to the IG account at the store, so we can take pictures of products, share stories and posts and take pics of customers that purchase things!