T Soup is a talented Artist and Dancer in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area, we recently had an interview with him about his art, dance, thoughts and goals with his talents. Here is what he had to say:

RSJ- Name, crew, affiliations, city?

T Soup- My names Taj-Micah Campbell aka T. Soup, a part of Illusive Movement, and from Rowlett, TX.

RSJ- How and when did you start dancing? and doing art?

T Soup- I’ve been dancing and making art since I was little, but started taking art seriously when I was in like 6th grade so I don’t even remember how I got into it really. Continued my art classes from then until I graduated college in 2020 and still making art to this day. For dancing, I started taking it seriously around 8th grade going into 9th. Always loved MJ and Missy Elliot music videos so I’d say that’s what got me into dancing. That and different party dances growing up haha.

RSJ- Who were/are your major influences in art and in dance, when you first started? and now?

T Soup- When I first started, besides MJ and Missy’s dancers, I was inspired by movies like You Got Served, Stomp the Yard, the Step Up series, but also dancers like Mr. Wiggles, Poppin John, Boogie Frantik, Bboy Neguin, Bboy Cloud and others. Inspirations now come from dancers from all kinds of styles and movements, but mostly motivated by the dancers I personally know like Canvas, Chrctr, Gifted, Hailey Summers, Floyd Jaundoo, and so many more.

 RSJ- What is your most memorable moment and or battle in dancing?

T Soup- I have a few most memorable moments in my dance life actually. The whole day of fighting for that win at World of Dance Dallas 2018, the opportunity for the judge showcase the following year, and a performance I got really intimate with in 2018 during Dallas Diggs Deeper. Shared a personal situation I was going through that fuel my performance for that and everyone else in the room could feel that emotion as well. That was a connection to dance and everyone there on another level.

RSJ- What are your thoughts about the current dance scene, in your city, nationwide and worldwide? 

 T Soup-  I think the current Dallas dance scene has been making moves both in freestyle and choreography. I’m enjoying seeing the blend between those two worlds, as there should be, without losing the essence of either. Also love the push of ideas in movement with a few dancers, so I’m hoping for more in others. Nationwide and really worldwide, I’m amazed at the growth of hip hop grooves in movement and styles like the spread of Memphis Jookin and Lite Feet in areas other than where they were born. Also I’ve been noticing the rise of importance in the entertainment industry of dancers for other entertainers, as well as dancers being our own entity or force of entertainment and artistry. Like dancers actually being hired to do their own thing, or dancers having control over the creative direction of any project is motivating to me. 

RSJ- Where do you picture the dance scene going into the future?

T Soup-  In the future I picture the dance scene expanding further as it’s already doing, into a force that more of the general public keeps an eye on, or actively looks towards for entertainment or artistic inspiration.

RSJ- What are your goals with your art and with your dance going into the future?

T Soup- A personal goal for my art is to make my character FOMO more relatable to people who’ve experienced that feeling of missing out, but also turn that feeling towards an optimistic direction. That fear of missing out can be viewed negative or positive, so shifting that view positively can improve a lot of people’s thinking in other aspects of their lives as well. Also pushing awareness of my custom projects for clothing, graphic design and art pieces as well. As far as dance, aiming to push my possibilities with movement, possibly teach, travel to discover and share dance with others interested through sessions, cyphers, events, battles or whatever that may be, I think. 

RSJ- What advise would you give to anyone wanting to get into art or dance? 

T Soup-  If anyone wants to get into art or dance, I’d just say that you can do anything you put your mind to and put the work in for. Both take consistent practice, genuine interest and goals to shoot for. So as long as you have those you’ll be fine. And having peeps to do it with helps too because then you can inspire and help hold each other accountable.

RSJ- Where can people go to find your art and dance work? Social medias, websites, etc?

T Soup- You can follow my art work on Instagram where I show my art pieces, graphic design pieces, commissions, and custom clothing pieces which are all available. Catch me at art shows I promote to, come through and buy my work or DM me to have them shipped! My dance tings are on IG as well @tsoupfull! You can catch me battling at events, vibing in cyphers and sessions, and hire me and Illusive Movement for any gigs you may have! 

RSJ- Any last words and shout outs you'd like to give out?

T Soup- Remember, as my dad would say, to dream big and dream often! You can do anything you put your mind to and continue to push for constant growth!🌿🌿🌿🌿


@Realstreetjams would like to thank T Soup for allowing us to interview him!