Unladylikeco Truc Mai x Realstreetjams

We had a chance to catch up with the lovely Tru from @Unladylikeco to ask her a few questions about her inspiration and story behind her brand. Here is what she had to say:

RSJ- How and when did you get into vintage clothing and fashion?

Tru- I always had a passion for fashion, even as early as 4 years old! My family came to America as Vietnamese Refugees with little to no money we couldn't afford new clothes, so my grandmother and I would shop at thrift stores. We would always find so many one of a kind pieces, something I really love about thrifting. In those days people would be ashamed to shop at second hand clothing stores, but look at this generation now!

RSJ- Who or what are your major influences in vintage and fashion?

Tru- I honestly don’t have a specific person I look up to. I enjoy looking at magazines for inspirations and ideas.

RSJ- What do you enjoy most about vintage and fashion?

Tru- I enjoy the aesthetic of everyone standing out in their own unique style. How one person's confidence can boost by the way they dress themselves... It's a lifestyle! I also love RECYCLING clothes. All the colors, textures, patterns, and different genres over the years will eventually become a trend once again.

RSJ- How would you describe your fashion style?

Tru- I don’t have a specific sense of fashion style. If the piece catches my eye then I can work with it. Some days I am in street wear.. Other days I dress up in all vintage, boho, chic, artsy, sexy, rocker, tomboy, or girlie clothing. I like to wear whatever I’m in the mood for or whatever the occasion may be. As long as I feel fabulous and comfortable.

RSJ- Where do you see vintage fashion going into the future?

Tru - Fashion is always shifting. I don’t see vintage fashion fading away at all. There are probably a lot of people buying hypebeasts stuff such as supreme, bape, jordans, etc. to sell in the future for a ridiculous price. Band tees are the gold treasure chest imo, they'll always be in style. 

RSJ- What advice would you give to any ladies out there wanting to start their own business?

Tru- Just go for it. Start with what you have! The longer you wonder “what if” , the faster time will pass by without any progress. If you fail, don’t give up. Dust yourself off, and TRY AGAIN. No one will ever be successful the first time! Watch yourself grow. Maybe someday your side hustle will be your main source of income. Forget the 9-5 shifts!

RSJ- Where can people go to check out your Vintage line?

Tru - My instagram, @UnladylikeCo - I usually have pop ups every weekend, just follow for upcoming local DFW events. Working on building a website soon be on the lookout!

RSJ - Any shout outs and last words you'd like to give?

Tru- Shoutout to everyone and anyone that's trying to build their own business. Much love! Keep going and don’t ever stop until you are satisfied with your goals! Much love to @REALSTREETJAMS for the interview. - XOXO, TRU, @UnladylikeCo

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Interview Date - March 22, 2020