"Wall Wars" Art above by: Sowut (RIP)
Realstreetjams Wall Wars
Graffiti Battles
1vs1 Handstyle & Bomb Battles
Crew vs Crew Graffiti PRO
Realstreetjams Wall Wars Graffiti Battles is back!
Wall Wars is a series of Graffiti battles challenging graffiti artists and street artists in unique battle concepts. 
Our first installment of the Wall Wars series will debut in just a few weeks! We are putting together a Graffiti BBQ Potluck session at Fabrication Yard in May.
Location: Fabrication Yard, Dallas, Texas
Time: 1pm - 6pm
Date: tbd
1vs1 Handstyles and Bomb Battles!
First round will be Handstyle ONLY, Best Handstyles make the Top 4
Top 4 will Pick a word out of the hat and do a Bomb/Throwie with the words:
"Real" or "Street" or "Jams"
Winners of this Battle Round:
Winner of the Battle will get to design a Throwie/Bomb "Realstreetjams" shirt and earn royalties on every shirt that sells**
**Sign ups at the event**
The Wall Wars series will be held throughout the year leading up to the finals in the Fall. Where only a select few artists will make the Top bracket to Battle for the Wall Wars Championships. 
For more info and or to register to battle in the Crew vs Crew Graffiti Pro, please contact us at onforyourcity@gmail.com
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