Break Kids: 10 Class Package

Break Kids: 10 Class Package

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Realstreetjams Break Kids inspires kids to become more confident, agile, creative and physically active! We teach kids and teens the importance of physical activity through the art of "Breakdancing" (better known today as "Breakin"), the original dance of Hip Hop. As well as the importance of creativity through the art of typography in the form of Hip Hop letter art.

In this 10 class beginner package, kids and teens will have fun learning the basics of breakin, the four foundational movements of the dance which include: Toprocks, Footwork, Powermoves, and Freezes, and basic foundational letter drawing techniques.

The Break Kids 10 Class Package includes:

 5-1 hour breakdance Lessons

5- 1 hour Hip Hop art lessons

 What to bring:

Breakdance Classes:

Kids/Teens should be dressed in comfortable loose clothing like a tshirt, sweatpants, and tennis shoes for the breakdance classes. And must bring their own water bottles, towels for sweat etc.

Art Class:

Kids/Teens should bring pencils, and color crayons/pencils.