Rack Rental at Deep Ellum Store
Rack Rental at Deep Ellum Store

Rack Rental at Deep Ellum Store

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Renting a rack at our Deep Ellum shop is easy! Simply choose the number of racks you'd like to have in store ( 3 max*). Price all your items, schedule a day to set up your rack and start selling! You do not have to be present, we sell all your items for you in store and pay you out at the end of each day. Pay outs are done through cashapp or venmo at the end of each day.

Make money while you are away! 

We are located at: 2923 Commerce St #103 Dallas Texas 75226

Store hours: Closed Monday | Tues-Sat 12pm-8pm | Sunday 1pm-6pm

Rental Fee and info:

$300 per rack per month, up to 3 racks max

3 month terms only, monthly rent is due the following month on the day your term began. You may continue if desired after 3 month term is over, let us know so we can set you up for another 3 months. 

All vendors with racks in store get a FREE vendor booth at select Realstreetjams events. 

Bring your own rack(s)

Make sure all of your items are tagged and priced*

You are responsible for all of your taxes on any money made in store.

Your month term begins at the time of payment and rent payment is due on the same day the following month.  Please schedule a time and day to set up your rack ASAP after payment has been submitted. Text 214-978-7136 to make an appointment to set up your rack.