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Begin Selling your vintage, sneakers, and hype streetwear with us today for FREE!

We are now accepting vintage, sneakers, and hype streetwear resellers to sell for FREE on our online curated marketplace. 

Say goodbye to paying 5% to 15% or more of your sales in fees! Start now for FREE!

We have 3 tiers of selling packages available for resellers interested in no fee, hassle free reselling. Take a moment to go over the benefits of each package:

Starter Reseller package - $0/month

Sell up to 20 items per month for free starting today! Sign up for the FREE reseller package and begin today! Benefits include: No fees for selling, you get what you ask for! Don't worry about taking pictures and listing, we got you covered! Send in your products or drop off at our HQ and we will take care of the rest for you! Sit back and collect $$$!

Pro Reseller package - $35/month

Sell up to 50 items per month with no fees taken from you! You don't pay any fees on any of the items sold, up to 50 items per month! Send in your products and we will take pics, list them and sell them for you at no extra cost to you! Plus receive up to 25% off vendor booth spaces at upcoming Realstreetjams events. Save hundreds of dollars on fees each month!

High Volume Reseller package - $55/month

Sell up to 100 items per month with no fees taken from you! You don't pay any fees on up to 100 items sold! Don't worry about taking pics and listing them and selling them. We got you! Get featured on the home page as a featured products! Get up to 50% off Realstreetjams event booths and 1 or more free vendor booths per year! Your items featured in our shop and partner retail locations on the RSJ Heat rack and grail walls! Save hundreds of dollars on fees and lots of time, sell hassle free! 


How do I start?
Select the reseller package you'd like to begin with, then simply fill out the form sent to your email,  mail in your products or drop off products at our HQ: 2923 Commerce St #103 Dallas Texas 75226 during our normal business hours. (Tues to Sat 12pm-8pm|Sun 1pm-6pm) Free shipping on mailed in products as long as all sent in products sell before the next billing period. 

What kind of items do you accept?
We ONLY accept high quality great condition vintage(Grails ONLY), brand new unused or like new unused sneakers in their original boxes and original receipt if possible, brand new or like new hype streetwear items in original packaging and original receipt when possible. We verify the condition and authenticity of every item, please do not send in any products that do not meet these standards. You will be charged a $25 dollar fee for any items sent in that do not meet these requirements. Yes we know that vintage does come with flaws, and no you will not be charged when sending in vintage with minor flaws. Please do not send in completed trashed or dry rot vintage, prints must be at very minimum 70% visible and not completely faded away and unrecognizable. Below are the list of brands currently accepted:

Vintage brands accepted: Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Nutmeg, Logo 7, Chances, Freeze, Looney toons, Walt Disney, Sun tag, Fruit of a loom, Brockum, Liquid Blue, Anvil, AAA, Winterland, Champion, Competitor, Fubu, Gucci, Christian Dior, Patagonia, Carhartt, Northface, Louie Vutton, No Boundaries, NASCAR, Harley Davidson, Starter, Givenchy, Pro Player, Polo Ralph Lauren, Bugle Boy, other vintage brands will be accepted. All vintage must be true and authenticate vintage, 20 or more years older and in the best condition possible. Band tshirts are the exception, Band tshirts may be new age. We will accept vintage with minor flaws, we understand it is vintage. During Spring and Summer we are only accepting tees, tanks, shorts, jeans, and some light windbreakers. During fall and winter we will accept everything accepted in Spring/summer plus crewnecks, jackets and sweaters.

Sneakers and streetwear brands accepted: Nike, Yeezy, Jordans, Crocs, Adidas, Bape, Supreme, Vlone, Chrome Hearts, Off white, Fear of God, Travis Scott, Gallery Dept, Gucci, Kaws, Kith, Moncler, Palace, Palm Angels, Sp5der, Stussy, The North Face, Yeezy Gap, Cactus Jack, Cactus plant flea market, Carhartt, Champion, Comme Des Garcons, Dior, FTP, Full send, Girls don't cry, Givenchy, Human made, Louis Vuitton, Market, Saint Laurent, Stone Island, Takashi Murakami, The Hundreds, Virgil Abloh. All Sneakers and streetwear must be new and unused or like new and unused, in the original packaging with the original receipt if possible. Sneakers must be in the original box, very minimal and no flaws on the boxes. All items sent in will be authenticated and inspected, any items sent in with flaws or damaged boxes will be sent back at the expense of the reseller plus reseller will be charged a fee of $25 for the labor and time of sending back. Reseller that sends in fakes or flawed items will be banned from selling with us.

How do I get paid?
Resellers will get paid through cashapp, venmo, direct deposit or a check mailed to the address provided. Sellers will be paid every week if any items are sold during the week. Deposits and checks will arrive according to normal deposit and mailing times, depending on your bank, the third party payment institutions normal processing times and mailing institutions. 

Are there really no fees?
There are no hidden fees or extra costs taken from your sales, starter reseller packages are FREE, we only charge a monthly flat fee for Pro reseller and High Volume reseller packages. We pass all fees that resellers would normally pay to end buyers of the items, to give you the most money for your items and save you the most money possible when selling. 

Where is the Realstreetjams HQ located?
Our HQ, and processing center is located in Dallas, Texas in the artsy entertainment district of Deep Ellum. Our address is 2923 Commerce St #103 Dallas Texas 75226. Our hours of operations are Tuesday through Saturday from 12pm-8pm and Sundays 1pm-6pm. 
How can I begin today?
To begin selling today, first choose the reseller package you'd like to start with, you can always upgrade as you begin selling more pieces in the future. After you choose your reseller package and complete the check out process, you will receive an email with instructions on how to begin asap! After you complete the reseller item info form, print your shipping label, box your items, put shipping label on box, and ship to our HQ. Or if you live in the Dallas Fort Worth area, you can always drop off your items during our normal business hours at our HQ and shop. When your items arrive at our HQ we will do a 12 point inspection on all products, authenticate, take pics, list and sell your items. You will be notified via email the following Monday of every week with a sales report of all of your sales during that week.